User Agreement for the website service usage.

1. General provisions
  • 1.1. This Agreement defines the terms of use for services located in the Internet at the address (hereinafter - Services). This agreement with the User (hereinafter - Agreement) is a legally binding agreement and governs the relationship between DUNYAVID on the one hand and the user on the other side.
  • 1.2. DUNYAVID has all the exclusive rights to use the corresponding services.
  • 1.3. Terms
    Administrator of DUNYAVID is an entity having the exclusive right to the site, including the site interface, software, website, site algorithms.
    User - an individual capable person who has created an account on the site and / or appropriate services and has accepted this Agreement and use the appropriate services for their own personal use. The user can not be a person under the age of 18.
    Services - various services of information, communication, entertainment and others, provided to a User under a legal basis that the user acts in accordance with the applicable law (including but not limited to the copyrights and intellectual property laws). Services are located on the site
    Site - the website, which is an integrated set of web pages (Services) and available on the Internet at:
    Materials - files and information, which users upload, download and store with the Services.
  • 1.4. When a user registers for the DUNYAVID Services a user must accept the rights and duties associated with the use of the Services and described in the Agreement, and must express acceptance in full of all the terms of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with the Agreement or any part of it a User shall immediately cease using DUNYAVID Service. If the User has no right to enter into the Agreement, the User should immediately reject any use of the Services and/or Content.
  • 1.5. The Agreement shall enter into force after the User confirms agree to the terms by click on the <I Agree> button.
  • 1.6. Start of using Services by the User means that the user accepts Agreement’s terms and conditions in full, without any exceptions and limitations. Use of the Service on other terms is not allowed.
  • 1.7. Any visitor or a registered User, who use, review the Services and/or post to them their information in any form, automatically accepts the terms of the Agreement.
  • 1.8. The administrator is not related to the materials posted by Users on the Service. All files, materials, comments, and messages posted on the Services reflect only the views of Users, which may not coincide with that of DUNYAVID.
  • 1.9. Terms of the individual Services can be optionally changed in the rules/agreements of those Services.
  • 1.10. DUNYAVID provides access to a range of Services including a variety of communication Services, Services of goods and services, entertainment and information Services, such as those that currently exist and those that will be developed in the future, which are available via a personal computer and various mobile devices.
2. Service Use
  • 2.1. In a case of copyrighted Materials usage on Service, User provides DUNYAVID non-exclusive right to use of Materials needed to provide Services to Users of Service in accordance with this Agreement. User guarantees that he/she has all the necessary rights to use the Materials and allows its use in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, and is fully responsible for their storage and use. The user guarantees that the publishing of the materials on the DUNYAVID Services and their further use does not violate the personal or property rights of third parties, including (but not limited to) copyright and related rights, patent rights, the right to privacy, the protection of honor, dignity and good name, and so on.
  • 2.2. DUNYAVID has the right to send messages to registered Users with information about new and updated DUNYAVID Services. Frequency of such mailing shall not exceed two times a month.
  • 2.3. User agrees not to reproduce, replicate, copy, sell or resell, and are not used for any commercial purposes any portion of the DUNYAVID Services or access to them, except in cases where such permission is given by DUNYAVID. By signing up for DUNYAVID Service, Users receive non-transferable right to use their registration (login and password) to access DUNYAVID Service. User may not transfer own account (login and password) to a third party, and is not entitled to receive an account from a third party other than with the DUNYAVID written permission. DUNYAVID not be liable under any contracts between the customer and third parties.
  • 2.4. User agrees that he/she and any other persons with assistance from User will not copy or change software; will not create programs that are derived from software; will not penetrate into the software to access program codes; sell, assign, lease , transfer to third parties in any other form of rights to the Service software provided to the User under the Agreement, and will not modify the Services, including for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to them.
  • 2.5. DUNYAVID has the right not to register certain logins, or suspend specific logins.
3. DUNYAVID limited liability
  • 3.1. Services are provided “as is” and thus DUNYAVID is not liable for any losses and moral damage caused by the use or inability to use the Services. In particular, DUNYAVID not be responsible for failures and interruptions in the work of Service, safety of information, accuracy and terms of information delivery.
  • 3.2. DUNYAVID is taking all necessary measures to ensure the uninterrupted and proper operation of its Services.
  • 3.3. DUNYAVID not ensures Service suitability for the specific needs of Users. User shall bear all risks associated with the use of the DUNYAVID Service or information obtained through the Service.
  • 3.4. DUNYAVID not be responsible for the information published on the Services by third parties and does not guarantee the quality, reliability or completeness of such information.
  • 3.5. DUNYAVID and its officers shall not be liable for any claims of third parties that may arise in connection with the publishing by User any information on the DUNYAVID Services, use of the DUNYAVID Service, when User breach terms of this Agreement or the rights of third parties.
  • 3.6. Where DUNYAVID claims by third parties in connection with the information published by Users through the DUNYAVID Services, including (but not exclusively) the claims of the holders of copyright and /or related rights, their representatives or third parties, the User agrees to own and at his own expense to settle and resolve all outstanding substantive issues with parties who have risen these claims, as well as reimburse DUNYAVID losses in full.
  • 3.7. DUNYAVID not be liable for damages and/or losses incurred by the User and/or third parties as a result of misunderstanding of instructions and /or directions on how to use the Services, on the order of information publishing and other technical issues.
  • 3.8. DUNYAVID Services may contain links to other resources. User acknowledges and agrees that DUNYAVID not responsible for the availability of these resources and for their content, or for any consequences arising from the use of the content of these resources.
4. Compliance of the law and network standards in the use of the Service
  • 4.1. All activities associated with the use of the Services must comply with the law and accepted norms of social networking.
  • 4.2. Prohibited distribution and/or publishing information:
    - which content and/or distribution is not allowed by the applicable the law;
    - containing pornographic materials;
    - which contains scenes of violence (against people or animals) or contain any other elements that offend the moral and ethical values;
    - that violates copyright or other rights of third parties;
    - via mass mailing of unsolicited mail (spam);
    - which discrediting the honor and dignity of third parties, including defamation and insults;
    - which promote racial, ethnic or religious hatred, calling for violence;
    - that explains how to commit illegal activities;
    - that explains how to perform acts to violate the Agreement.
5. Termination of service and denial of service
  • 5.1. DUNYAVID has the right to refuse to post or to remove from the Service any material if they are contrary to the requirements of the Agreement.
  • 5.2. DUNYAVID may suspend or terminate a User's access to the Service and its services in the event of a breach by the User Agreement and the rules of the individual Services.
  • 5.3. DUNYAVID may suspend or terminate a User's access to the Service and its services if the user does not access the Service and its services for a long time.
  • 5.4. User has the right at any time to delete own account on all DUNYAVID Services or stop it at some of them.
6. Final provisions
  • 6.1. DUNYAVID has the right to change the Agreement and make changes without prior notice. The new version of the Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its publication on the Site, unless otherwise provided in the new version of the Agreement. Provisions of the new Agreement shall be mandatory to all previously registered users of the Service.
  • 6.2. The User is obliged to review the current version of the Agreement weekly. The current version of the Agreement is available at: http://help
  • 6.3. Use of the Service is governed by this Agreement, the Agreement on Confidentiality of Information, and the user agreements of the Services.
  • 6.4. All questions, complaints and suggestions related to the work of the DUNYAVID Service, should be sent to: support. Complaints and claims are accepted only in the prescribed form.
  • 6.5. All disputes and claims arising from the use of the DUNYAVID Service, governed by the provisions of the Agreement and the agreements of the services, and if they are still unresolved - in accordance with the applicable law.
  • 6.6. Parties adopted the Agreement for an indefinite period while there is a periodic use of DUNYAVID Services by the User.